Aikido is a Japanese Modern Art of self-defense, also known as “the Art of Peace”. It is a non-violent and non-aggressive Japanese art that overcome any adversaries through the use of smooth, fluid and circular movements to defend oneself from an opponent of superior size and strength. It emphasizes on harmonizing with an opponent’s force rather than meeting it head on, defending oneself without injuring its attacker.

It is much more than simply a method of self-defence, because to the founder (Morihei Ueshiba), true victory is never just defeating one’s opponent, but the resolution of conflict within oneself. Over at ASK, our classes are suitable for all ages. Age is only a number; as long as you can move, you can do Aikido!

Aikido classes are not structured linearly, which means that you can join us ANYTIME! You will be taught the basics in the first few lessons, after which you can join the main class to train. Our Grading Syllabus determines how many lessons as well as the minimum time of training required before you progress to the next grade.

Don’t be worried about not being able to get the techniques and names of movements, our senior belts will be very happy to guide you.

If you are unsure whether this is the right martial art for you, feel free to visit any of our dojos (training centers) to take a look at how the classes are conducted, and talk to the Instructor.

You will first need to decide which dojo or class you wish to join on a regular basis. This will be your Principal Dojo.

You can check for class slots at our or check if there are any dojos near your vicinity, using our Dojo Locator!

Alternatively, you can also go straight to the dojo of your choice and highlight to the Instructor, expressing your interest in joining the class and our Instructors will be more than happy to brief you on the necessary procedure to get your journey started with us

Please download and fill up a copy of the Membership Application Form and bring 2 current photos along.

Our training attire consists of a jacket, pants and belt.

You may give us a call or email us 1 week before so that we can arrange for the Instructor to bring the attire to the dojo for you.

*If you do not have the training attire during the first class, you may wear a comfortable t-shirt and track pants.
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Overseas Visitors

All overseas Aikido friends are welcome to visit and train at our dojos. Please email us so that we can recommend and direct you to a suitable dojo.

Guest session for oversea visitors: $35 unlimited training per day

Visiting ASK Dojos Overseas

Please email us to check on the details for training at our overseas dojos in China, Malaysia and Indonesia.

Terms and Conditions for Membership Application:

  • Aikido Shinju-Kai is the organisation that conducts your Aikido lessons.
  • Your current training place will be your Principal Dojo. All Principal Dojo training fees must be paid before the start of a new term.
  • All students must sign the Deed of Waiver & Indemnity and return the form to your Instructors or Leaders immediately. No students are allowed to train without signing the form.
  • All students must be member of Aikido Shinju-kai (except Guests and Visitors). Members will receive a membership booklet for recording grades, seminars and other details.
  • A registration fee of $50 will include current year membership fee, a student handbook and membership book.
  • Any member who leaves Aikido Shinju-Kai for more than 2 calendar years will have to reactivate one’s current year membership fee. Reactivation fee is S$48.20 and pro-rated membership fee for the year.
  • All payments must be made upon submission of application form.
  • The age for children class is 5 to 12 years old.
  • Membership is strictly not transferable nor refundable in the event of termination or revocation.
  • Aikido Shinju-kai may revise the above terms and conditions from time to time without prior notice.
  • All Fees shown are GST inclusive, unless otherwise stated.