Aikido Shinju-Kai conducts weapon classes on last week of every month

Aikido movements are derived from the classical weapon movements from the Samurai era. With this, our weapon programmes are designed to advocate the importance of Ma-ai, or distancing between yourself and an aggressor, learning how to handle and dis-arm a weapon, and to generate a deeper understanding of Aikido via the movement of the sword, or Kata.

It is also through weapon class, that practitioners will learn how to utilize the weapon as an extension of oneself and maintain compose and relax when executing or receiving techniques. They will also learn the importance of weight-shifting distribution when executing technique, and incorporate in-sync breathing with their movement and techniques which are crucial in ki-projection (energy extension) and development.


  • Handle and disarm of weapon attacks.
  • Learn to shift and manage weight distribution to generate power.
  • Develop an acute sense for distance and sensitivity to the movements of an aggressor.
  • Improve alertness and bodily coordination.
  • Build confidence, self-esteem and discipline.
  • Heighten sense of Safety, concentration/focus, and preciseness are key factors in determining the effectiveness of your defenses.
  • Learn to maintain calm and compose when faced with impended threat.
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