This Programme is endorsed under Sports Education Programme (SEP). SEP is a collaborative partnership between Sport Singapore (previously known as Singapore Sports Council) and the Ministry of Education

Shinju-kai is proud to be the only endorsed provider of Aikido programmes under the Sport Singapore – Sports Education Programme (SEP) since its pilot phase in 2006. Till date, Aikido Shinju-Kai has extended her services to more than 70 schools in Singapore, ranging from pre-schools to university and special-needs school.

Teachers and students have given us very positive feedback about our programmes and many schools have engaged us for consecutive years. Our programmes for schools can be tailored to suit the school’s needs and requirements such as number of sessions, duration of lesson, etc.

The SEP programmes for schools includes:

  • Shinju-Kai Aikido & Life Skill workshop
  • Shinju-Kai Aikido Practical Self-Defense workshop
  • Shinju-Kai Aikido Practical weapons & Daily objects Defense & Disarm workshop
  • Shinju-Kai Aikido & Movement Fun Course
  • Shinju-Kai Aikido Basic Introduction Course
  • Shinju-Kai Aikido Intermediate Course
  • ‘For Special Education’ Shinju-Kai Aikido Movement & Awareness Workshop
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