For individuals or groups who wish to learn Aikido apart from the usual standard public classes available can choose to have more personalized attention from an instructor of their choice.


  • Private classes leads to quicker/deeper and more focused practice. You will understand the fundamentals and essence of Aikido and breathing techniques rather than getting lost in the speed of a group class.
  • Individual problems and/or health issues can be specifically addressed and worked with so that students of all ages, states of health, and all levels of experience will benefit from Aikido.
  • For students who wish to understand the mechanics of the techniques, rather than just trying to keep up with the public classes.
  • Private classes timing/days/frequency of lessons can be arranged conveniently to your schedule.
  • In a private Aikido Shinju-Kai class, your instructor always keeps tabs on what is appropriate for your level, and makes adjustments accordingly.
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