The Shinju-Kai Corporate Programme aims to help working adults to be more active, develop stronger bonds with and have a better understanding of one another through Aikido.

The Aikido Shinju-kai concept extends beyond just a martial art. Over here, we uphold our vision of truly making it a way of life for everyone from all walks of life. Aikido is based on the fundamental principles of harmony and mutual respect. Thus, friendship and camaraderie are fostered through practising the art and Shinju-kai’s teaching methodology.

Practice of techniques is carried out in pairs or groups thus providing opportunities for team bonding and cooperative learning.

The programme also promotes work-life balance, and healthy lifestyle. Through this workshop, participants will learn to maintain self-control on and off the mats and better manage stress, violence and even work-related issues with a calm, peaceful and more harmonious approach/mindset. Thus, the benefits of Aikido go beyond merely physical fitness and can contribute towards the overall development of an individual.


  • Develop stronger bonds within the team.
  • Work-life balance, and lead an active and healthy lifestyle.
  • Develops character qualities and values such as self-confidence, discipline, respect, and a sense of care and concern for one another.
  • Relief stress and increase mental resilience.
  • Develop their self-confidence and self-esteem which could allow them to be effective leaders or employees.
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