Shinju-Kai Children class is appropriate for students of all grades from the age of 5 to 12 years old.

The class aims to help children lead a more active, healthy lifestyle and focus their energies on a skill which has physical, social and emotional benefits.

Aikido is based on the fundamental principles of harmony and mutual respect. Thus, friendship and camaraderie are fostered through practising the art and Shinju-kai’s teaching methodology. Aikido is suited for children because it provides them with knowledge and skills that will enable them to defend themselves against an opponent of superior size and strength through the use of smooth, fluid and circular movements, without the need for great physical exertion.

The art emphasises blending with an opponent’s force rather than meeting it head on. Indeed, Aikido can help to develop children’s psychomotor skills, but more importantly, through the practice of Aikido, children will also benefit from the inculcation of values such as self-confidence, discipline, respect, and a sense of care and concern for one another.

Through Aikido, children could learn how to better manage stress, violence or even school and work-related issues in a calm, peaceful and more harmonious manner. Therefore, the benefits of Aikido go beyond merely physical fitness and can contribute towards the overall development of an individual.


  • Children will learn to respect and take care of one another. The essence of Aikido- Loving your opponent. Winning without violence and fighting.
  • They will learn essential self-defense techniques to protect themselves from injuries by accidental falls/slips or attacks from others.
  • Increase mental resilience, discipline and focus which will assist them in coping with any stress or in their academic studies.
  • Develop student’s overall physical fitness, core muscular strength, flexibility, stamina, focus, reflexes and Fundamental motor skills (FMS).
  • Focusing and listening, building on individual children’s’ attention span.
  • Igniting their self-confidence and self-esteem which could allow them to be effective leaders in the future.
  • Prepares them for a successful transition to the Adult class.
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