Aikido Shinju-Kai Founder and Chief Instructor

Philip Lee Shihan

Born in Singapore on October 29, 1954, referred to as one of the five founding fathers of Aikido in Singapore.

Philip Lee founded Aikido Shinju-Kai in April 1988 and has been diligently walking down the path of an Aikido, Budo practitioner for over 45 years. It is his passion within him that till to-date without reservation still actively promoting the Art of Aikido to all of us.


Age 63

Awarded the grade of 7th Dan in Aikido by the Aikido World Headquarters, Japan from the third Doshu, Moriteru Ueshiba at the Annual Kagami Biraki Ceremony.


Age 63

Conferred the Title of Shihan by the Aikido World Headquarters, Japan from the third Doshu, Moriteru Ueshiba and was gifted with an 800 years old treasured National Heritage Katana by Mr. Masaki Tani (7th Dan), Director of the International Affairs Department Hombu, Japan.


Age 57

Initiated the very first International Friendship Seminar (IFS) that sees the forging of an alliance with countries such as, Japan, The United Kingdom, Canada, Belgium and Singapore.


Age 51

Awarded the grade of 6th Dan in Aikido, by the Aikido World Headquarters, Japan from the third Doshu, Moriteru Ueshiba at the annual Kagami Biraki Ceremony. Established the first dojo in Malaysia – Johore Bahru and also in Indonesia – Batam.


Age 50

Awarded the grade of 7th Dan in Kodachi Goshindo by the Founder, Tesundo Tanabe (International Sports Chanbarra Association, Japan) and was then appointed as the official representative for Singapore.


Age 49

Gave up his Interior & Construction business, Feili Design & Construction and FDC Contracts Pte Ltd to concentrate in promoting Aikido full time.

Established the very first permanent Headquarters at HomeTeamNS – JOM Clubhouse (Balestier) at 31 Ah Hood Road.


Age 48

Established his first dojo in the People’s Republic of China – Shanghai.


Age 47

First to introduce and started Aikido classes at the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) – The Guards Unit.


Age 45

First to introduce and started Aikido at the Gurkha Contingent – a special unit of the Singapore Police Force.

Awarded the grade of 5th Dan in Aikido by the Aikido World Headquarters, Japan.


Age 36

Clinched the Gold Medal in the Open Kodachi Category Championship held in Yokohama, Japan.


Age 35

The first Singaporean that has been awarded a teaching certificate in Kodachi Goshindo (Defence against short weapons attack) by the Headquarters, Japan – International Sports Chanbara Association, Japan.


Age 34

Founded Aikido Shinju-Kai with his first dojo at SAFRA Tampines.


Age 31

Started his own Interior & Construction Company. He also joined the Special Constabulary of Singapore Police Force at the Police Academy as a Physical Training Instructor and also served in the Traffic Management Unit and was put in charge of the Police Task Force Unit. Appointed as the Officer-in- Command (OC) in the Physical Training Department Police Academy in later years of service till 2011.


Age 28

Founded the first permanent dojo at SAFRA Bukit Merah. Shihan Philip was one of the founding members of Aikikai Singapore where he held the position of Secretary General and members of Board of Supervisors till year 2002.


Age 27

Was one of the first two Singaporean to have been given the privilege to train at the Aikido World Headquarters, Japan as a live-in student under the second Doshu, Kisshomaru Ueshiba.


Age 25

Appointed as an Instructor under Aikikai Singapore and was then actively involved in the development of Aikido in Singapore.


Age 24

Graduated in Architectural Draughtsmanship at the Singapore Polytechnic and worked in Architectural firms till year 1985.


Age 19

Served his 2 years full time National Service in the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF) at the School of Combat Engineers.


Age 17

Started Aikido training with Sensei Harry Ng at the YMCA, Stevens Road.


Age 9

Started Martial Arts training first in Wushu, Lion and Dragon Dance and the next two decades in other martial arts such as Judo, Tai Chi, Kodachi Goshindo (defence against weapons attack) and Karate.