Training Fees

  • You will need to decide which Dojo you wish to join on a regular basis.
  • This will be your Principal Dojo.
  • Please fill up a copy of the Membership Application Form and bring 2 current photos along.

You will need to pay these fees when you sign up:

  • One-Time Registration Fee (includes Current Year Membership Fee, Membership Book & Student Handbook)
  • Training Fees (paid directly at the Dojo periodically)

You will also need to purchase these:

  • Training Attire (The set consists of a jacket, pants and belt)

Contact us one week before your first class to arrange for the attire to be brought to the Dojo for your first lesson.

Need another reason to train and join as a member of Aikido Shinju-Kai?

Enjoy these *Special Perks @ our ASK Headquarters or ASK East Dojo:

  1. Enjoy $5 per cross-training session when you hold Standard Pass (unlimited training sessions).
  2. UNLIMITED training package is available from $95 per month.
  3. Enjoy up to 6% savings when you pay on a monthly basis via GIRO.
  4. Air-conditioned and tatami mats training environment.
  5. Attractive Top Up Pass available when you hold a valid CC or Club Dojos training card.
  6. Private training sessions are available for booking.
*T&C applies.

Training Fees

All fees stated are inclusive of GST
For ASK Headquarters Dojo
Class Type Fees
Trial Session Pass


(1 Class)
Single Session Pass (ASK Member)


(1 Class)
10 Sessions Pass


(Validity 10 weeks)
25 Sessions Pass


(Validity 4 months)
50 Sessions Pass


(Validity 6 months)
For Guests
Class Type Fees
Unlimited 1-Day Session Pass


Unlimited 1-Week Session Pass


Unlimited 1-Month Session Pass